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Partial Discography

1998 - Afternoon in Austin - with Eugene Chadbourne (Boxholder Records)

2000 Uma - solo (Lovelter Records, re-released Uma Sounds)

2002 Sur - solo (Uma Sounds)

2003 Curandera - solo (Fleece, re-released Majmua Music, Uma Sounds)

2005 Concentration - live at the High Zero Festival of Improvised Music with Joe McPhee, Andrea Parkins, Le Quan Ninh, and more.(Recorded)

2006 And I Await the Resurrection of the Pedal Steel Guitar - solo (Olde English Spelling Bee - vinyl, Uma Sounds - CD)

2009 In The Garden/Giving Out - double album of duets Caroline Kraabel, Caroline Kraabel/Annie Lewandowski

2010 Sixty Interpretations - compilation with David Sait, Joe McPhee,      John Butcher, Tim Hodgkinson, Paul Dunmall, John Oswald, and others. - Sixty artists with sixty solo pieces, sixty seconds each (Apprise)

2010 Touch This Moment - solo ((Uma Sounds)

2010 A&B with George Burt (Iorram)

2013 Mirage with Ellery Eskelin and Michael Formanek (Clean Feed)

2015 Soledad - solo (with Michael Formanek on bass for "Suite for Ahl"); four renditions of Astor Piazzolla's music and one of my own (Relative Pitch)

2016 Evening Tales - solo (Mystra)

2016 Away With You - with the Mary Halvotson Octet (Firehouse 12)

Columbia Icefields - with the Nate Wooley Quartet (Northern Spy)


2019 Invitation to a Dream - with Joe McPhee and Ken Vandermark (Astral Spirits)

Prism Mirror Lens (VG+)- with Phillip Greenlief.

Pedernal - Susan Alcorn Quintet with Mark Feldman, Michael Formanek, Mary Halvorson, and Ryan Sawyer (Relative P

Bird Meets Wire - trio with Leila Bordreuil and Ingrid Laubrock (Relative Pitch) 

2021 Astral Traveling Sessions )- duo with Thollem McDonas (Astral Spirit

From Union Pool - trio with Ryan Sawyer and Patrick Hughes ((Relative Pitch)

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